Our experienced and qualified team are more than ready to assist you and your team in achieving your outcomes.

We may deliver programs either in Bahasa or English language.


1. Mr. Putera Lengkong, MBA

Coach for Indonesia Gold Medal Olympian in Rio 2016

  • Master Trainer, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Book Author, Business Owner
  • 15 years in Business Management and People Development industry
  • Expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sales Productivity, Leadership and Managerial, and Motivational Program


2. Mr. Adrie Kaunang

  • Finance, Credit, and Collection Advisor and Trainer
  • Over than 20 years in Banking and Financial industries
  • Expert in Behavioral Interviewing Skills, Credit Card Training, Applied Finance for Non Finance, Banking Credit Training Program, Collection Management Program


3. Mr. Agus Gunawan

  • Trainer, Consultant, Coach
  • 14 years in Public Speaking, Training, and Event Organizer industries
  • Expert in Character Building, Key Performance Indicator, Project Management, Performance Management, Risk Management, Standard Operating Procedures, Training Need Analysis


4. Mr. Antonius Karya

  • Trainer, Certified Financial Consultant, Business Owner
  • 10 years in Training and also as A Business Practitioner
  • Expert in Financial Planning, Masa Persiapan Pensiun (MPP), Salesmanship, Emotional Quotient (EQ), DISC Personality Test, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypno-selling


5. Mr. Bintang DN Respati

  • Outbound Facilitator, Trainer, Book Author
  • 14 years in Outbound and Outdoor-based Training
  • Expert in Team Building and Outdoor Training


6. Mrs. Carlina Patuwo

  • HR Consultant, Executive Search (Head Hunter), Trainer, Book Author
  • 32 years experience as Executive Secretary and Personal Assistant, Corporate Secretary, Administration Manager, Human Resources and Training Manager
  • Expert in Personality Development, Personal Branding, Services, Handling Complaints, Public Relations, Secretarial and Office Administration


7. Mr. Jimmy K Santosa

  • Certified Therapist, Trainer, Book Author, Practitioner of Graphology (analisa tulisan tangan)
  • 6 years as Professional Hypnotherapist, has helped more than  3.000 clients
  • Expert in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy, Instant Change Technique (ICT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Law Of Attraction (LOA)


8. Mr. Kuntana Arjuna

  • Trainer, Experiential Learning Facilitator
  • 16 years in Training and Self Development industry
  • Expert in Change Management, Organizational Behaviour, Character Developing, Outbound and Team Building


9. Mrs. Lucy Kusman

  • Trainer, Coach
  • 20 years in Operation Management and Human Resource Development
  • Expert in Parenting, Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Program, Secretarial Program, Problem Solving Decision Making, Leadership, Coaching, Service Excellence


10. Mr. Rudy Sugiono Lukieto

  • Trainer, Coach, Fire Walking and Glass Walking Instructor
  • 10 years in Self Development and Public Speaking industries
  • Mastering Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Just In Time, and Quality Control Circle
  • Expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Public Speaking


11. Dr. Toni Yoyo, ST, MM, MT (CPS, CG, CHt)

  • Management & Business Consultant/ Advisor/ Coach
  • Doctor in Strategic Management, Master in Finance, and Master in Industrial Engineering
  • Certified Graphologist/ Handwriting Analyst
  • Expert in Corporate Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Management, Operation Management, Project Management, Import


12. Mr. Yudistira Hasbullah

  • Senior Project Manager, Consultant
  • 14 years in Human Resource Management and Organisation Development
  • Expert in Project Management, Performance Management, Strategic Management, Training And Development, Compensation And Benefits, Change Management