1. Training,  Seminar,  Workshop

2. Team  Building,  Indoor  and  Outdoor  Activities

3. Coaching,  Counseling,  Therapy, NLP

4. HR  and  Organisation  Effectiveness  Consultancy

5. Entertaining  For  Ice  Breaker  Session,  Company  Gathering / Outing /

Meeting / Incentive  Tour,  Appreciation  Day,  Ra-Ker,  Event  Organizer


We provide professional entertainment services to match your events. We customised a unique and creative scenario, theme, and performing to suit your needs and requirements, from utilise ice breakers, magic, challenging activities, and so on, to make your events memorable and life-changing experience.

Kami membantu Anda mengorganisasi acara atau even Anda dengan skenario, tema, dan pertunjukan yang unik dan kreatif, dari ice breaker, sulap, aktivitas yang menantang, menjadikan acara Anda sebuah pengalaman tak terlupakan.


Ice Breaker and Entertaining session

Ice Breaker and Entertaining session